field guide to waco texas with gearbox rentals

Ive been back for a few days, and I am heading back out on the road later this afternoon. Its been a whirlwind as of late. Candle sales don't always just come to you, so I've been traveling the states peddling my candles. Its provided an opportunity to shake hands and hug necks, to taste foods and coffees, and to share what I do. My most recent outing was to attend the Silobration at the Magnolia Silos. My Buddy, Craig, had recently finished building out his travel van so I called him up and rented it for the week. I have slept in my truck before and am pretty comfortable with “van life” (or 4runner life, we can put that under the van life umbrella for this blog post cant we?) but Craig’s van was far better than any travel/sleep set up I have ever used. Ill start by saying that he thought of everything, I mean everything, that one could desire while on their latest adventure. There are running lights, USB ports, fans, a beautifully hidden pull out cook station, a french press, charging stations, a popup table, a cooler, and even a freshwater/grey water sink, all in the van. After living in the van for a week I cant think of a single thing that I needed that wasn't already in the van. It is a special thing to wake up in your destination and after renting the van and taking it out, I cant wait to see the adventures that await this van. While you're out in the cities and the backroads, the mountains and the streams, buy a sticker and slap it on the ceiling of the van and make your adventure last forever.




A field guide to Waco Texas

right when you pull in you'll see Baylor University. Its stadium is impressive and the campus is beautiful, you cant miss it!

a few minutes down the road you will be distracted by the bright red and yellow neon sign beaming high in the sky like a pin dropped on arguably the most desirable destination for us southern and east coast folks. It reads, “IN-N-OUT Burger” and points you in the direction of animal style heaven. Drive right past it wait in the line at Torchy’s Tacos. You can chalk it up to my disdain for the IN-N-OUT obsession or to my obsession with the idea of a place that sells breakfast tacos all day long, but Torchys is much much better than IN-N-OUT.

ATTN: Wes Willis if you're reading this then plz don't take it personally. I love you and your sweet tea.

If you didn't throw your laptop or phone at the wall by me saying IN-N-OUT is overrated then head downtown to beautiful downtown Waco. Its a very quaint yet growing downtown. You'll see the beautiful Magnolia Silos right when you turn on the road to head downtown. They are in a league of their own. While there, wait in line for the cupcakes. I had the campfire cupcake that it topped with a handmade marshmallow and bottomed (bottomed?) with a graham cracker. It was amazing.

The Silos have a life of their own. Im sure many of you have seen them on the television but it is truly something to be experienced. The team and staff out there are incredible and they have truly built something special.

For coffee, head out to Pinewood Coffee Roasters. Their space is a refreshing blend of mid century modern and western saloon. I know that sounds strange but it creates a lovely setting to enjoy their amazing coffee.

Once you have done all of that, head back to Torchy’s. Get a Democrat taco and Wrangler taco and wash it down with a Lonestar tallboy.

There you have it, my quick yet eventful field guide for Waco Texas!



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