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How a Great Bear Wax Co. candle can make a house become a home

Have you ever had a scent immediately flood your mind with wonderful memories? The first crisp breezes of Fall take me back to my childhood—raking leaves with my brother to fill up jack-o-lantern leaf bags. Fresh cut grass sends me right back to the baseball diamond fielding ground balls with my teammates. This phenomenon is referred to as “olfactory memory.” The olfactory bulb in your brain has two direct connections with emotion and memory. When a certain scent finds that sensor, it produces a palpable, visceral response. 

Buying a home is one of the most exciting times in someone’s life and the place where they will make their fondest memories. I want to partner with you in giving homebuyers a fragrance to mark these moments. 

We will provide

An 11oz Succulent or Tobacco Bay candle (our two best-sellers) and a printed card that reads:

“Fragrance has a way of inspiring memory and emotion far greater than any other sense. Let this be one to remember this exciting season by. Light it and enjoy your new home.”

Succulent notes: Crisp and Floral (Cactus, Wild Flowers, Rosewood, Agave, Pear Nectar)

Tobacco Bay notes: Earthy, Subtly Sweet and Spicy (Warm Tobacco, Bay Leaf, Fir Needle, Cedarwood, and Bergamot)

About our company

I founded Great Bear Wax Co. as a way to capture the memories of where I’m from. Setting campfires, drinking whiskey on the porch, hiking in the woods, taking time to smell fresh cut roses from the garden—I love the process of distilling nostalgia and bringing my favorite moments back to life with the flick of a match. Since I launched Great Bear Wax Co. in 2013 with just $800, we’ve garnered national press and our candles are sold in independent boutiques across the country and on 

We continue to expand our collection of fragrances and this Fall, I opened my retail project Bungalow Bungalow, a boutique that carries our Great Bear Wax Co. line of products along with other items from my favorite designers, authors, and artists.