Words from the Creative Director.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Josh Carnley. I am Jakes identical twin brother and designer/creative director for Great Bear Wax Co. Jake and I started on this adventure together. While he was creating new interesting candle scents in the kitchen of our house in Auburn Ala and pouring candles on the back porch, I was designing logos and labels and creating how customers would experience this brand.

A few weeks ago we launched the new labels for the original candles. So why the redesign? Wonderful question. Over the last year or so, we feel that the brand has matured tremendously from where we were when we started this thing in 2013. Great Bear has found its voice. We now know our audience. We now have calluses and scars from our experiences in business and design. Honestly, in 2013, we had high hopes and expectations for the brand but we didn’t really know what we were doing or what we were getting ourselves into. I didn’t know what I was doing as a designer. I didn’t know how to design for a client. You know, the kind of design work that can actually sell a product if it’s creative and innovative and smart enough.

From the beginning, we wanted these candles to smell more “masculine.” We knew we were never going to do an over scented passionfruit candle. Our target audience we men. So how do you sell a candle to a man? The original candle labels featured scent profiles that were written from Jake's experiences with each scent. These were written to meet our target audience on their level. Anyone, guys included, could relate to “sitting around campfire” like described on our campfire candles. Any guy could relate to “long days outdoors” like described on our Wooden No.1 candle. Now that the Great Bear brand has had time to mature, we know that everyone, not just guys, love these candles so we decided to remove the scent profile to let everyone create their own individual experience.

Another thought going into the redesign was how to make our labels more clear on the shelves of retailers and at markets. On the new labels, the scent name is hierarchy. We stripped the label down to only what it needs and that’s a logo, a name, and a website. More design space also allowed us to highlight that we pour every candle in Alabama.

When I announced the rebrand, I talked about doing a blog post and answering any questions that folks have. I had a great question from Josh Cox (@coxenstein). He asked “What’s your dream project?” Hmmm having a job like Great Bear has been great because I have all of the creative freedom I want and a client that trusts my design expertise. I would really love design identities for restaurants. Or illustrate for Walt Disney World!


If anyone has any questions or would like to say hey or talk about design, email me at josh@carnleydesign.com // www.carnleydesign.com





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