Wooden no 1

There is a lot of effort and work that goes into creating a new product. It, to me, is one of the more exciting aspects of our operation here at Great Bear. I starting this business by creating a product that I was absolutely crazy about. Wooden no 1 is a candle that I burned the first time and was proud to do so. I felt that I had found my stride. I was confident that I was a fine chandler but when we launched Wooden no1 I was able to share with you a skill set that I have been developing for 2 years now, that of a perfumist. 

We have a series of 3 Wooden candles that will come out over the next few month. Each having a new characteristic built around the vibrant and earthy notes of some of the worlds most fragrant woods. This one combines notes of Cedarwood and Sandalwood. 

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