What Fall Candles Mean To Me


I was cleaning out the shop one day in April when I found a 16oz Pumpkin candle left over from last fall. I found myself getting emotional when I opened the cap. Science has proven that we learn attach memories to smells even before we are born. It has something to do with the olfactory bulb and the hippocampus etc etc. but there is no doubt that our brains forge a link between smells and particular memories. This is part of why I got into candle making but more on that on another post.

I love the Fall. I am certainly in the camp that thinks it is the greatest of the four seasons but for me Autumn means more that beautiful scenery, chilly nights, campfires, and sweaters. I made the decision to move my life and my business to Birmingham Ala. (from Auburn/Opelika) in the Fall of 2014. A year previous, I was in the process of starting this business. These two decision have been two of the best decisions of my entire life. They mark new days for me. To me Fall candles mean taking a risk, pursuing a dream, and it marks the days when people started to love what we were doing. The past two Fall seasons have been turning points in my life. Heres to Fall 2015 and may it mark new days for us all.

Thanks for everything    


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