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    Best Seller. Best Smeller?

     For the first few years of business, one fragrance held the blue ribbon slot in our best seller list. This particular fragrance was always described to us as “mild and complex” “mellow and masculine” and “like a very attractive man” and we responded to email after email from shops requesting thi... View Post
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    the right and wrong way to burn your candle

    Believe it or not, there is an incorrect way to burn your favorite candle. knowing this brings you one step closer to candle enlightenment. Follow these simple rules to get the most out of every candle you buy and to stop being frustrated at the ones that funnel and burn too quickly.   A PROBL... View Post
  • | Jacob Carnley

    Sea Salt Candles

    Im listening to the cars buzz by through the open windows of my downtown loft. Its about 50 degrees outside and the last few days have been very cold but at this point it seems certain that these are the last chilly days of Spring. Every year at this time it happens to me, I start to smell the wa... View Post