The Liberty Collection



Early last year we had the idea to start releasing candles in "collections". We knew that not everything that we wanted to produce would fit in our original line up of goods. We became known as a candle company that lent itself to more masculine type fragrances, and I wanted to level that out a bit. Our slogan is "Inspired by fond memories" and while many of those are from around the campfire or in the wilderness, many of them are not. So we created a collection for a brighter, more fragrant candle the Liberty Collection.

I grew up in the fruit and nut section of Fairhope Alabama. A neighborhood located between the bay and downtown whose streets are named after, well, fruits and nuts. You will find Pecan, Fig, Orange, Magnolia, and many more names on the tops of stop signs. And the one labeled Liberty St. was where you could find me and my brother riding bicycles and playing kickball in the street. Growing up in Fairhope created most of my fond memories so it only seemed appropriate to look towards home when naming this collection.


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