Opening day of baseball season.


Despite living in what seems to be the polleniest city in America, spring is always welcome because it means two things; warmer days and baseball. It has become tradition around the shop to work hard all morning and then take a long lunch where Josh and I pick up tacos and walk to the field to take batting practice before heading back to the shop. Moving into the warmer months, my brother and I have been talking a lot about the direction for GBWC and we both mentioned that we wanted to reintroduce our brand mascot, Burnie Wicks, back into the brand. While brainstorming how to do just that, he sent me this design and I immediately fell in love with it! It is fun and after running this business for 5 years, if there is one thing I want to focus on as we move forward it is having fun.

Opening Day for our Birmingham Barons is on Wednesday, April 10 against the Tennessee Smokies and I know what shirt ill be wearing to the game! T-shirts go on sale tomorrow Tuesday March 26th at 8:00am and will be $17. We would love to see your Opening Day photos so be sure to tag us and GO BARONS!




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